I am a young soul figuring out what life has to offer. I think it has so much. Every moment, I choose to embrace all that’s around me with a smile and love. I try to put down all in words and hence the birth of this blog.

I love to read and write. I’ve always had a passion in writing. There is just something about penning down facts, fiction, fantasies and reality. A good book would be a great gift. *wink*

In this blog, I focus on my thoughts and what that goes around me. I write out of experience … the experiences don’t always have to me mine though.

I am Kenyan.

I am an outgoing girl. At the same time I can be shy, that explains my ambivert personality. Much weight of an extrovert.

Despite writing and reading, I love cars…something about machines. Good machines!!! I enjoy traveling, and like any other girl, I love some good talk with the ladies.

I love Christ. I really do. His love is the true definition of love. Family lies so close to my heart.

I am a lover of life and nature and choose to appreciate whats around me. It may not be always sweet… but it will always get better.

Thanks for stopping by, WELCOME TO MY BLOG… and lets take this walk together.

Love , Love & Love!

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