How much does life has to offer? What is expected of us?

I am a young soul figuring out what life has to offer. I think it has much. We might not take it all, but we’ve got to learn how to.

Hello and welcome to Our Generation! On this blog, I try to put down everything in words by focusing on my thoughts and what that goes around me. There is just something about penning down facts, fiction, fantasies and reality. I write out of experience,the experiences don’t always have to me mine though.

Despite writing and reading, I love cars, adventure and enjoy traveling!

I love Christ. His love is the true definition of love.

I am a lover of life and nature and I intentionally choose to appreciate whats around me. It may not be always sweet… but it will always get better.

Thanks for stopping & WELCOME TO OUR GENERATION… Lets take this walk together.

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